Face masks in supermarkets

Face masks in supermarkets

Anyone can see that fewer people are wearing face masks now. Even shop workers don’t seem to be wearing them anymore. The only places where it’s expected are in hospitals and health centres.

So I visited the local supermarket and saw that only a few shoppers were wearing masks and none of the staff, at least until I reached the checkouts where several cashiers continue to wear masks.

Why is that? I asked the older man who served me.

‘It’s one thing to visit a supermarket for 20 minutes to do the weekly shop, but I’m here for eight hours today. And most people here have had Covid at least once.’

That makes sense, but why is it that only the cashiers are wearing masks?

‘If you think about it, when there’s a real problem with empty shelves, like during the panic buying when Covid first appeared or just before Christmas, everyone has to help out. Whether you’re the Store Manager, the People Manager or the receptionist, you need to fill shelves, except for those on the tills. So if someone develops a condition that makes it difficult to lift, walk or be on their feet all day, they are likely to be moved to checkouts.’

That also makes sense, but isn’t it uncomfortable?

‘It’s not great, but it’s better than Covid. I’m used to it now.

What do people think?

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According to Yougov, face mask wearing in public places had dropped to 21% of people by June of this year, having dropped steadily since December when the figure was 69%. The highest figure that they recorded was 77% in February 2021.

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